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  This is another sub-module for airline distribution. Through this sub-module, travel agencies can sell tickets, assign seats and monitor reservation deadlines. The submodule presents all flight information on a single screen, which streamlines the operators' work.

Main Functionalities:

  • Reservas, modificações e cancelamentos de reservas;

  • Reservations, changes and cancellations;

  • Reservations of multiple passengers in a single PNR;

  • Reservation for connections;

  • Unlimited number of SSR, OSI and PNR Remarks;

  • Visualization of seats map showing the existing status of the aircraft occupation;

  • Seats reservations;

  • Unlimited quantity of addresses and telephone numbers per reservation;

  • Possibility of PNR sending via email;

  • Supports several hubs;

  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade passengers to another cabin, preserving the original fare;

  • Automatic PNR canceling, according to configurations determined by the airline;

  • Elimination of any cold ticket possibility;

  • Sales in Open;

  • Display of detailed PNR showing data on the flight, debts, paid rates, discounts, excess baggage      details, payment terms, all in a single screen;

  • Fares are available with links to detailed information on the reservations display;

  • Display showing the fare and rates value as well as total values both, individually and by group of      passengers;

  • Fare building and maintenance, description, rules and quotations;

  • One-Way or Roundtrip fares;

  • Company or travel agency exclusive fares;

  • Tours and charter flight fares;

  • Fares with maximum return date;

  • Fares requiring permanency during determined days of the week;

  • Fares with requirements of minimum/maximum permanency days;

  • Possibility of matching fares;

  • Tour-codes based in determined classes, with established percentages or fixed values, applicable      fares, discounting or not charges;

  • Fares of easy creation and easy removal;

  • History of PNRs changes;

  • Allows working with fare routes;

  • Stopover fares;

  • Allows working with "prices" instead of fares;

  • Possibility of changing "prices" according to the fares practiced by competition in a single click;

  • Possibility of linking fares with flight time;

  • Total payment by group or PNR separately;

  • Check-in information at PNR;

  • Calculates the value of markdowns and markups in preview mode, and charges remarking;

  • Informs PNR when reimbursement was requested for and paid;

  • Informs PNR when there was a No Show PAX;

  • Enables TKT / PTA / e-TKT number by passenger individually;

  • Records coupon in open with a single click;

  • Survey at PNR.

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