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  This sub-module is directed to the needs of airline call centers. With this system, ticket office and call center personnel can make reservations, sell, reimburse, collect charges and provide customer service. Ths sub-module is a variation of the Reservations and Issuance module designed for call centers where, on a single screen, the module presents all of the PNR (Passenger Name Recorder) and flights information, streamlining the workload of the operators.

Main Functionalities:

  • Reservations, changes and reservation cancellations; Reservations for multiple PAX in a single

  • Double connection reservations;

  • Possibility of performing overs through special password;

  • Unlimited number of SSR, OSI and Remarks in every passenger and PNR;

  • Possibility of editing the seat visualization for the travel agencies;

  • Pre-reservation of seats;

  • Unlimited entries of addresses and telephone numbers by reservation;

  • Possibility of sending itinerary via email, fax, letter or XML file to the desired fax system;

  • Reservation deadline.
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