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  The Cargo module manages the cargo posted by an airline. The system issues the cargo collection, shipment and delivery documentation. The module works similarly to the ticket reservations, including the control reports and all the financial staging. Additionally, it has a search system that allows for tracing all shipments being transported in real time. The Cargo module draws data useful for airline operations from the database and turns it into statistical and financial reports on flight information and sales schedules. Another advantage of the system is that the reports can be accessed from anywhere via the Internet.

Main Functionalities:

  • Integrates customers, agents and cargo stations within the same solution;

  • Easy issuance of AWBs and cargo manifests through the system;

  • Easy implementation, integrated with the other system modules;

  • Controls and manages all cargo information;

  • Generates reports with AWB information and billing issuance;

  • Controls the cargo inventory in each base.
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