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  The check-in system automates all procedures related to passenger handling on a determined flight, charges for excess baggage, printing of boarding passes, gate information, etc. In this way the system not only checks the baggage and ticket purchase information, but also automates mandatory check-in procedures making it easier to control and monitor the performance of employees dispatching the flights.

Major Functionalities:

  • Re-accommodation of passengers to other flights;

  • Printing of boarding passes in peripheral printers;

  • List of confirmed passengers;

  • Waiting list reports;

  • Reports of flight date and PNR remarking;

  • Flight manifest can be printed or sent via fax;

  • PNL (Passenger Name List) visualization;

  • Possibility of opening and closing flights;

  • Creation and change of PNRs in real-time;

  • CNL (Connection Name List) generation;

  • No Show lists;

  • Possibility of creating information notices for exclusive Check-In visualization;

  • Printing of electronic receipts, excess baggage and charges;

  • Seat assignments and changes;

  • Reports for SSR, OSI and Remark codes;

  • Possibility of multiple SSR and OSI codes by passenger;

  • Reports showing type, weight and quantity of checked volumes;

  • Calculation and charges for excess baggage;

  • Seat assignments;

  • Bag Tag printing;

  • Amount due at departure reporting;

  • Departure blocking when there is an amount due;

  • Determines departure gate and terminal.
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