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  MySky uses its own methodology for implanting the system and developing customizations. This methodology was designed in partnership with our customers and improved thanks to the work amongst the teams of MySky's and airlines.


  For the implantation of systems MySky Tecnologia makes available a team of professionals for configuring, installing and inserting all airline's data in the system. Additionally, a professional will be available for the customer. He will be responsible for the training schedule fulfillment and the capability of the teams that will be operating the system and also for the local management of the system's implantation.


  For the customization, the team of developers at MySky works with the methodology Extreme Programming. It's a worldwide known methodology since the year 2000. It comprises a basic set of 12 practices "taken to the extreme", that provide a feature quite addressed to programming. XP offers an alternative for the tight processes consisting of small teams (10 people, at the maximum), who share the same information and work in pairs in the development of the system. In addition to it, the customer's technical team frequently interacts with the MySky team, which allows for obtaining the best results and an increased productiveness in the tasks to be carried out.
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