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  This module automates the airlines' technical and operational processes in a way that improves security, organizational efficiency and compliance with Civil Aviation Department requirements.

  Through the Logbook control, the module manages the hours and kilometers flown, the cargo, baggage, passengers transported, fuel consumption, information on aircraft space utilization and crew management, and also integrates the information with the maintenance system.

  This module is divided in 4 (four) submodules, namely: Logbook Control, Crew Control, Flight Control and Statistical Control.

Main Functionalities:

    The LogBook Control submodule aims to control the flight hours of the aircraft and the crew, providing data either to the Human Resources department or to the agency of Civil Aviation.

  • Control of hours flown;

  • Number of kilometers of routes;

  • Fuel consumption;

  • TSN / CSN Report;

  • Report on Tonnage/km Offered and Special Offers;

  • Report on hours flown by fleet, aircraft, period, etc;

  • Report on Fueling by Base.

  •     The Crew Control submodule aims to control crew registration, course registration and expirations, cargo, in addition to elaborating flight scales in accordance to current regulation.

  • Aircraft Records and Documentation Control;

  • Crew Records and License Control;

  • Support Tables;

  • Customer Records;

  • Flight Simulator records;

  • Records on Wages established by Function and/or Instruction;

  • Hours and kilometers flown, individual and by equipment;

  • Flight Book;

  • Flight Stops;

  • Daily expenses control;

  • Learning Control (Flight Simulator and Ground School);

  • Documentation expiry dates;

  • Payroll (Km);

  • Trimester Reports (DAC);

  • Records on Hours flown by month (DAC);

  • Statement on hours flown (DAC);

  • Kilometer Sheet (daytime, nighttime, Sundays and holidays);

  • Kilometer Sheet - DP;

  • Extra remuneration.

  •     The Flight Control submodule aims to control the planning and execution of the flights, through flight completion, including despach, esteem and real schedules, delays, cancellations and crew.

  • Airline records;

  • Outsourced aircraft records;

  • Support companies records;

  • Flight Status (flight tracing);

  • Estimated and real times;

  • Control on delays and cancellations.

  •     The Statistical Control submodule aims to control the emission of forms required by the Agency of Civil Aviation on financial, operational and statistical information and also to provide the companies with the information of flied hours, km flied, carried loads, luggage and passengers.

  • Bulletin of Flight Changes (BAV - Boletim de Alteração de Vôo);

  • Statistical Data (DAC);

  • Line Utilization;

  • Fuel consumption average;

  • Reports on Hours Flown by Line / Aircraft;

  • Reports on Kilometers Flown by Line / Aircraft;

  • Cargo and Passenger Transported by Aircraft / Service;

  • Line Utilization;

  • TXT of Bulletin of Flight Alterations;

  • TXT of Statistical Data (DAC);

  • General Report on Statistical Data (DAC);

  • Summary of Service by Equipment.

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