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  CRS (Central Reservation System)

  CRS (Central Reservation System)
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  This module controls the company inventory of fares, reservations and ticket bookings. Additionally, it not only distributes information to other MySky modules, but also generates control reports for the airline's financial and controller areas.

  The CRS module is divided into 5 (five) sub-modules, namely: Call Center, Ticket Office, Travel Agencies, Financial and Reports.

Main Functionalities:

  • Reservations, changes and cancellations;

  • Reservations of multiple passengers in a single PNR;

  • Reservation for connections;

  • Unlimited number of SSR, OSI and PNR Remarks;

  • Visualization of seats maps showing the existing status of the aircraft occupation;

  • Seats reservations;

  • Unlimited quantity of addresses and telephone numbers per reservation;

  • Possibility of PNR sending via email; it supports several hubs;

  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade passengers to another cabin, preserving the original fare;

  • Automatic PNR canceling, according to configurations determined by the airline;

  • Elimination of any cold ticket possibility;

  • Sales in Open;

  • Display of detailed PNR showing data on the flight, debts, paid rates, discounts, excess baggage      details, payment terms, all in a single screen;

  • Fares are available with links to detailed information on the reservations display;

  • Display showing the fare and rates value as well as total values both, individually and by group of      passengers;

  • Fare building and maintenance, description, rules and quotations;

  • One-Way or Roundtrip fares;

  • Company or travel agency exclusive fares;

  • Tours and charter flight fares;

  • Fares with maximum return date;

  • Fares requiring permanency during determined days of the week;

  • Fares with requirements of minimum/maximum permanency days;

  • Possibility of matching fares;

  • Tour-codes based in determined classes, with established percentages or fixed values, applicable      fares, discounting or not charges;

  • Fares of easy creation and easy removal;

  • History of PNRs changes;

  • Allows working with fare routes;

  • Stopover fares;

  • Allows working with "prices" instead of fares;

  • Possibility of changing "prices" according to the fares practiced by competition in a single click;

  • Possibility of linking fares with flight time;

  • Total payment by group or PNR separately;

  • Check-in information at PNR;

  • Calculates the value of markdowns and markups in preview mode, and charges remarking;

  • Informs PNR when reimbursement was requested for and paid;

  • Informs PNR when there was a No Show PAX;

  • Enables TKT / PTA / e-TKT number by passenger individually;

  • Records coupon in open with a single click;

  • Survey at PNR.

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