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  The WebSuite is a module that explores different ways of interacting and selling to the end user through the Internet. One of its main features is that all of the functionalities can be modeled according to customer needs, including layout changes and alterations to the presentation format of a determined functionality. Another important point is that sales carried out through the Internet are finalized at the credit card company servers, which provides further security for transaction processing.

Main Functionalities:

  • Customized environment (protected by login and password);

  • Site User Data Bank;

  • Agency registration and search;

  • Online Check-in;

  • Purchase with promotional code;

  • Reservations and ticket sales through E-Ticket;

  • Low Fare Finder tool;

  • Integration with the Frequent Flyer module;

  • Ticket auction;

  • Online payment;

  • Time Table;

  • Integration with car rentals;

  • Integration with hotels;

  • Real time group sales, with differentiated fares;

  • Sales in Open;

  • Voucher;

  • Online reservation changes.
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